Focused Alpha Fund

The NewGen Focused Alpha Fund is an opportunistic long biased equity strategy that merges trading and fundamental analysis with a targeted annualized return of 10-15%. The strategy seeks to identify market dislocations and alpha opportunities in the extremely inefficient Canadian equity market through an active management strategy which positions around definable catalysts / events.

The fund targets absolute returns from 25 core long and short positions and is defensively positioned to reduce correlation to equity markets. The fund maintains a high level of portfolio liquidity to manage downside volatility and has the ability to de-risk quickly in periods of market disruption to protect capital. In addition, the fund’s alpha short positions provide further downside protection and opportunity for return generation.

NewGen Focused Alpha: Growth of $10,000 Since Inception (Class C)

NewGen Focused Alpha (Class C)

2021Focused Alpha C3.58%4.61%1.94%1.06%2.25%0.34%3.31%-0.94%5.13%23.20%
TSX TR2.39%3.44%2.48%0.80%1.63%-2.22%5.02%-1.62%3.06%15.77%
2022Focused Alpha C-4.05%0.41%3.42%-3.71%-0.40%-7.75%2.89%-0.73%-2.39%3.60%6.33%1.32%-1.90%
TSX TR-0.41%0.28%3.96%-4.96%0.06%-8.71%4.66%-1.61%-4.26%5.57%5.54%-4.90%-5.84%
2023Focused Alpha C4.75%1.84%-0.76%1.58%7.55%
TSX TR7.41%-2.45%-0.22%2.90%7.59%

Standard deviation is a form of hypothetical performance data; Sharpe Ratio, Sortino Ratio and Jensen’s Alpha are hypothetical measures of excess return and we assume a risk-free rate of 1.5% in their calculations

This monthly distribution is fixed but not guaranteed and may be adjusted from time to time at the discretion of the fund manager.

The Fund’s current annualized yield is calculated based on the most recent monthly distribution assuming reinvestment, divided by the most recent month-end NAV

Portfolio exposures are all calculated as of the most recent calendar quarter-end

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