Focused Alpha Fund

The NewGen Focused Alpha Fund is an opportunistic long biased equity strategy that merges trading and fundamental analysis with a targeted annualized return of 10-15%. The strategy seeks to identify market dislocations and alpha opportunities in the extremely inefficient Canadian equity market through an active management strategy which positions around definable catalysts / events.

The fund targets absolute returns from 25 core long and short positions and is defensively positioned to reduce correlation to equity markets. The fund maintains a high level of portfolio liquidity to manage downside volatility and has the ability to de-risk quickly in periods of market disruption to protect capital. In addition, the fund’s alpha short positions provide further downside protection and opportunity for return generation.

NewGen Focused Alpha: Growth of $10,000 Since Inception

NewGen Focused Alpha

2021Focused Alpha C3.58%4.61%1.94%1.06%2.25%0.34%3.31%-0.94%5.13%23.20%
TSX Composite Index2.18%3.26%2.20%0.61%1.45%-2.49%4.82%-1.79%2.72%13.49%
2022Focused Alpha C-4.05%0.41%3.42%-3.71%-0.40%-7.75%2.89%-0.73%-2.39%3.60%-8.95%
TSX Composite Index-0.59%0.13%3.62%-5.15%-0.16%-9.01%4.41%-1.84%-4.59%5.32%-8.46%