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NewGen Equity LS Fund1.73%1.01%-3.50%5.68%6.18%10.56%
NewGen Alt Income Fund0.61%1.19%1.08%9.68%n/a7.66%
NewGen Focused Alpha Fund [Class C]1.58%7.55%9.95%n/an/a13.41%
TSX Composite2.67%6.46%-0.60%11.77%5.74%5.46%
TSX TR2.90%7.59%2.67%15.15%n/a10.35%
All quoted [F Series] Returns are Net of All Management and Performance Fees as of “March 31st, 2023”
NewGen Equity LS Fund [F]
YTD Return1.01%
3-Year (Annualized)5.68%
5-Year (Annualized)6.18%
Since Inception (Annualized)10.56%

The NewGen Equity Long-Short Fund LP Class F seeks to balance steady risk adjusted performance with capital preservation, in order to deliver a unique return stream that can provide real diversification benefits. The NGLS aims to achieve this by targeting persistent structure inefficiencies that exist in the equity markets and are particularly prevalent in Canada. In order to minimize downside volatility, the Fund adhered to disciplined risk management targets, with a highly liquid portfolio and defensive exposures [market and sector].

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NewGen Alt Income Fund [F]
YTD Return1.19%
3-Year (Annualized)9.68%
5-Year (Annualized)n/a
Since Inception (Annualized)7.66%

The NewGen Alternative Income Fund seeks to provide unitholders with a combination of steady long term capital appreciation and a stable stream of income. The Fund invests both long and short in an actively managed diversified portfolio of predominantly Canadian securities [equities, fixed income, preferred shares, warrants, SPACs and options]. The Manager places a strong emphasis on risk management and defensive market positioning in order to reduce market Beta and preserve capital in adverse market conditions.

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NewGen Focused Alpha Fund [Class C]
YTD Return7.55%
3-Year (Annualized)n/a
5-Year (Annualized)n/a
Since Inception (Annualized)11.01%

The NewGen Focused Alpha Fund seeks to provide unitholders with long‐term capital gains through a concentrated portfolio of high‐quality equities predominantly listed in Canada. The Fund holds a portfolio of approximately 25 core equity positions with a long bias, although shorting is also opportunistically employed to generate return and manage market risk. The Fund employs a broad range of alternative investment strategies including fundamental long / short, event‐driven strategies and pairs trading, as well as hedging and option strategies.

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