Alternative Income Fund

Mandate Canadian Multi Strategy
Inception Date: January 22, 2019
Fund Codes: Class F NEW401
Class G NEW403
Management Fees: Class F 1%
Class G 2%
Performance Fee 15%
Liquidity Daily

The NewGen Alternative Income Fund was launched in January 2019 under Canada’s new “Liquid Alternatives” regulatory framework; i.e. a hedge fund strategy available to retail investors through a prospectus offering. The Fund provides investors with exposure to (1) an actively managed diversified portfolio of dividend/income paying securities with a target portfolio yield of 4-5% (paid monthly); (2) a portfolio of stock-specific Alpha shorts to generate additional return and preserve capital by reducing market Beta; and (3) a multi-strategy overlay that relies on a broad range of strategies and securities in order to enhance yield, generate Alpha, and provide additional diversification benefits to our investors.

The NewGen Alternative Income Fund is offered to Canadian Investors only. US and other
international investors are not eligible.

NewGen Alternative Income Fund: Growth of $10,000 Since Inception (Class F)

NewGen Alternative Income Fund (Class F)

2019NG Alt Income Class F4.06%4.91%0.76%0.13%-0.75%1.36%-1.10%-0.86%-1.39%-1.32%2.01%1.30%9.23%
S&P/TSX TR1.34%3.15%1.01%3.22%-3.06%2.53%0.34%0.43%1.69%-0.86%3.59%0.45%14.52%
2020NG Alt Income Class F1.25%-3.16%-7.53%5.38%2.81%0.91%3.62%2.66%-1.36%0.50%4.41%4.40%13.93%
S&P/TSX TR1.74%-5.90%-17.38%10.79%3.04%2.46%4.48%2.35%-2.06%-3.11%10.57%1.72%5.60%
2021NG Alt Income Class F2.10%2.19%1.52%1.53%0.49%0.84%-0.74%1.81%-0.42%1.81%-2.16%0.68%9.98%
S&P/TSX TR-0.32%4.36%3.87%2.39%3.44%2.48%0.80%1.63%-2.22%5.02%-1.62%3.06%25.09%
2022NG Alt Income Class F-1.15%1.34%0.85%-1.49%1.29%-3.09%2.53%-1.04%-2.96%1.18%3.65%-1.45%-0.59%
S&P/TSX TR-0.41%0.28%3.96%-4.96%0.06%-8.71%4.66%-1.61%-4.26%5.57%5.54%-4.90%-5.84%
2023NG Alt Income Class F2.73%-1.62%1.07%
S&P/TSX TR7.41%-2.45%4.78%

The NewGen Alternative Income Fund began trading on January 22nd, 2019 – performance for the month reflects that

Standard deviation is a form of hypothetical performance data; Sharpe Ratio, Sortino Ratio and Jensen’s Alpha are hypothetical measures of excess return and we assume a risk-free rate of 1.5% in their calculations

This monthly distribution is fixed but not guaranteed and may be adjusted from time to time at the discretion of the fund manager.

The Fund’s current annualized yield is calculated based on the most recent monthly distribution assuming reinvestment, divided by the most recent month-end NAV

Portfolio exposures are all calculated as of the most recent calendar quarter-end

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